Transcoding of video failure

Hello everbody, first time on this forum with a problem burning to dvd using nero 7.

Had made a programme up using Moviemaker 2, converted it and burned it successfully to dvd using Nero. Having done that, and given the disk away I wanted to burn it again.

Nero won’t let me burn the dvd now, it comes up with ‘unable to prepare date for recording: prepare session failed. Transcoding of videos failed’.

I tried it again using another file which I had burned previously and got the same failure warning.

Any ideas anybody. I tried loading the latest Nero upgrade and it won’t let me do that either. Have I deleted something in error, and if so, how can I get it back ?

Thanks :bow:

Err, what format was the dvd? DVD Video or DVD Data with the WMA files on it? If it’s the last it is not really surprising Nero can’t make a dvd video of it. Windows Movie Maker 2 adds DRM to the WMA files. Nero can’t decode copy protected content.

When you transcoded the avi file, it should have saved an MPEG2 or a Video.TS folder. You should just be able to run either of those through an authoring software, and burn it to dvd.

Doh, looking back on it I must have failed to save it as a video TS folder, and it looks like some of my others are the same, which means I am going to have to reconstruct the disk and then save it properly, unless there is a programme (preferably free) which will save me some work. The master file is saved as a Nero Showtime file. Is there anyway i can convert that ?

I only use these programmes about twice a year and I tend to forget exactly what you need to do with each one, but I suppose saving correctly is one of those things I don’t need to forget.

Thanks for reminding me.