Transcoding and burning later

I’m using Nero to burn DVD’s at the moment, but this isn’t directly related to nero.

It takes so long to encode and not very long at all to burn, is there anyway I could encode and save it to burn to DVD later?

I’m trying to figure out how this works. It converts my wma/avi files in to what?

I’m thinking if I can find out what its transcoding into I can save them and burn lots of DVd’s quickly later.

Nero comes bundles with DriveImage which is a virtual CD/DVD drive.
If you install it then you can “burn” to that drive and it will create a .NRG file that you can burn later.

Sounds like you are using Nero (recode ?) to convert. You can choose to output to an image file rather than burning. It will then create a file that you can burn as many times as you want, then delete the file when you need to. I believe the option is called ‘Image Recorder’ in Recode, select that instead of your burner.

When you use image recorder when you hit burn it will ask you where to save and give you the option of .NRG or .ISO, Iso’s are cool because you can play them without burning. That is if it is something playable like an iso of a movie