Transcode speed


It’s taking my computer about 55 minutes to transcode a 1.5 hour movie into a .avi (I know, I’d rather use .mp4 as well, but my WHS won’t serve it, and if I try to trick it into serving it by renaming it as a .avi which works for the XBOX360, the PS3 says it’s an unsupported file).

What I’m wondering is, is this normal or is something in my system not set right. I’ve only got a laptop, but it’s a Sager 9262 with a desktop Q6700 quadcore 2.66G, 4GB RAM, 2x 160GB 7,200 RPM HDDs in RAID 0 and 1x 250GB HDD 5,400 RPM. I’m running DVDFab under Vista Ult 64 but I also have XP Home 32. I have noticed that all 4 cores are being used, but the utilization jumps up and down constantly from ~12 to 99%.

So, if this is slow for that setup, what can I do? Do I just have something set wrong in DVDFab? Should I be reading from the raid array and writing to the standalone disk or vice-versa? Is Vista 64 my problem?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds pretty darn quick to me!

Yeah, anything better that real time is a bonus. ie length of encode = length of movie.

Ahh, OK. Just didn’t realize it was that intensive of a process. Thanks for keeping me from unnecessary tweeking!