Transcode slow with a high end system

I have a homemade high end system which with other applications takes under 4 mins to encode a 2.5 hour dvd. I recently purchased dvdclone and realized that the transcoding process doesn’t use up more than 40 % of my processor recourses. Oh and for that sake of being through I’m using 4 gigs of ddr2 800, 10k raid 0 arrays, p5w dh deluxe (has a quick 975x Northbridge chipset), and a well cooled e6700 running at 3.5 GHz.

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I have similar parts and it’s hard to use 100% of both cores unless you want to run a Folding@Home project, Ortho’s, or some other burn in software.

try doing king kong with dvd rebuilder, hard job with a full encoder, not a transcoder

You don’t actually say how long it takes.

Are you transcoding from a DVD drive 'cos that’ll slow it a bit anyway?