Transciption of the 2600 trial

I snuck into the courthouse, despite it being 100’s of miles away, and managed to find out what was kept out of the newspapers.

For example:

Prosecuting attorney: You’re honor. The MPAA loses millions of dollars worth of exhibit A: “Money” each year. I would like to submit this as evidence to the court.

Prosecuting attorney places large sack of money on the bench.

Defense attorney: I would like to call a witness.

Kaplan: Request denied

Defense attorney: Okay, I’ll continue with my speech. Under section 3 of the DMCA…

Kaplan: What section

Defense attorney: section 3

Kaplan: There is no section 3.

Defense attorney: Ummmm… are you sure? My copy of the DMCA clearly has a section 3.

Kaplan: I’m sorry, there is no section three. You lose.

Defense attorney: What!?!?!?!?

Kaplan: (Drools, while looking at the large sum of money he found on his desk)

Kaplan’s head makes a complete counter-clockwise rotation, while hissing by extending his slit tounge.