Transcend USB unicode characters displaying

I recently bought Transcend USB storage JF 30 initially it was really good and I can able to copy or paste in it. Now what happenned when i insert into the usb port my operating system recognize it then i immediately went inside My computer and double clicked the REmovable disk drive its not opening. I dont know what is the exact problem why it is behaving like that, Im now opening my usb by right click only, yesterday that has also some problems , if you right click the removable disk you will see the options like “Open” “AutoPlay” SEarch etc. But now i see unicode characters please help me in this issue how to get back my usb storage into normal.

Maybe you can open up devicemanager and try to fix the usbdrivers. Maybe even by uninstalling them and restarting.

Hi, thanks for info about usbdriver