Transcend TS8XDVDR



ODC’s Drive information:


Sony 16x DVD-R
RITEKF1 (Made in Taiwan)
FW: TW00
Burned at 8x


[I hope this isn’t off topic]

Transcend TS8XDVDR[B]W[/B]

A different drive inside with a smaller buffer. Probably manufactured in August 2014 (warranty expires 27/08/2016). Enclosure feels pretty robust by modern standards.

Everything is consistent with it being a Samsung, judging by the buffer size probably a SN-208FB.

(I haven’t opened up the enclosure to verify the model as it is supposed to somebody’s Christmas present.)

Drive not detected by Transcend’s firmware update utility (hasn’t been updated since 2012, although listed as a downoad for this model).


Transcend TS8XDVDRW (firmware TW00)

[Note: Named in firmware as TS8XDVDR, no W]

Sold as: “Traxdata CD-R 52x 700MB Inkjet Printable” (50pk plastic wrapped)
ATIP: 97m15s17f
Made in Taiwan
Purchased in December 2012

Written at 24x