Transcend Storejet in Windows


I have this file about 6GB in size that I’d like to transfer from my Mac to a Windows computer and thought I’d use my Transcend StoreJet 2.5 (120GB) to do so. I’ve successfully copied the file to the USB in my Mac but I have no clue how to get it out in Windows (Vista) - I read the manuals and everything but just can’t seem to find the Local File (F: Drive, I think?) anywhere. Help?

Hi and Welcome!

Mac file systems are not supported by Windows, so you can’t access the file. Maybe there is a 3rd party software or driver, that “teaches” Windows to read Mac filesystems.
FAT32 works for both, but it can’t handle files larger than 4 GB.


Oh I forgot to mention it’s a Windows file, which is why I want to move it over haha. Thanks though!

[QUOTE=emma53;2283099]Oh I forgot to mention it’s a Windows file, [/QUOTE]this doesn’t matter. What matters, that is the filesystem on that external storage device:
It must support large files (> 4GB)
It must be writeable from MacOS
It must be (at least) readable for Windows.

You may need 3rd party software in order to meet all 3 conditions.