Transcend launches Ultra-Speed USB2.0 Flash Drives (Press Release)

I just posted the article Transcend launches Ultra-Speed USB2.0 Flash Drives (Press Release).

Transcend released today its Ultra-Speed USB2.0 Flash Drives, the JetFlash™ 160, the JetFlash™ 168, the JetFlash™ 110 and the JetFlash™ 2A. These JetFlash models are equipped…

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But most people are only buying the flash drives that write at 3MBps and read at 6MBps anyways… I doubt many people will pay a premium for these when hardly anywhere buys the current faster models.

I don’t know about “most people”, but I searched long and hard to find the fastest high-capacity USB FLash drive available where I live (Denmark) and it wasn’t even particularly expensive compared to slower flash drives. A-Data Professional PD7-200x 8 GB: Read/Write = 33/21 MB/s Now using one of my older slower flash drives is painful. :wink:
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