Tranferring to a new computer

I just got a new computer… Does anyone know how I can transfer my AnyDVD account to my new computer?

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Hopefully you have the email from SlySoft with the Reg Key still.

Install the latest version on the new computer and after the install just double click on the Reg Key and it will register for you.

Thanks Kipper… I do not have the e mail with my reg key… I have my e mail though with my Slysoft order number, from way back in 2006. Do you think that will work at all?

take a close look at that email for an attachment. Hopefully you will find that the attachment is the Reg Key.

If you printed out the email and did not save it electronically you can email Slysoft and ask if they will resend you the Reg key. Make sure you quote them the order number and other pertinent information.

Thanks. I will have to e mail slysoft… I just checked the e mail and it says they will send me another e mail with my registration info. I must have deleted it and only kept the e mail with my order number. But since I have my order number, hopefully that will be ok for them to give me a new reg key.