Tranfer mode

i have seen in the lite-on website that the drive ltr- 52327s , which is what i have, supports ultra-dma mode-2, .
i wanted to clarify whether the transfer mode depends on the moherboard or not, coz in the properties when i check the transfer mode is displayed as multi-word dma-2.
i am a little confused here .
i have connected my drive as secondary master , and have a cdrom drive as secondary slave.
thanx in advance

That mode is fine.

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i really must say this a lightning fast reply, thanx.
and may i ask what “support upto udma 2 actually means”

This article explains DMA nicely.

You are running in MWDMA2 which has a max speed of 16.6MB/sec. Since the fastest your burner can go is 52x or 7.8MB/sec you have more then enough speed in that mode. :smiley:

Thanx a hell of a lot!
now i am cleared of all the confusion.

Your welcome :bigsmile: