Trail version of DVDFab Platinum burn problem



Greetings all, new to cdfreaks but not new to burning dvd’s. I tried your search for my problem but couldn’t find it. Some history: I have used DVDShrink and DVD Decripter and DVDfab. Am now trying and was planning on buying the new DVDFab Platinum but have found a glitch that is having me reconsider. I have now burned 9 movies with the DVDFab Platinum. 6 of those 9 I have to reburn, (or will have to when I get time). DVDFab Platinum gives no error, says burn completed successfully, then when I go to watch the movie they won’t play on either of my pc’s or my sony dvd player. “No disk” is the common error although once it did try to read it and would read for only a fraction of a second then stop. Not even DVDFab Platinum recognizes the DVD it just burned. I am using the same media I have been using and it is the same batch which up until this time I have made no coasters, (well except for the initial newbie errors). I have never had a DVD not play that was reported as burned successful until DVDFab Platinum. Any help would be appreciated!


You might want to check what I/O drivers each program is using. There are about a half dozen common ones that define how the program interfaces with the burner. ASPI is a common one, but SPTI is probably a better bet if you use Windows XP. Nero, Blindwrite, and a few other burning programs all have their own custom ones as well.

Given that all other variables have remained the same, I would check this issue out first. It could be improper formatting by DVDFab Platinum, but you should still be able to see the files in windows explorer if that were the case.


May be you are doing image burning rather than actual burning also try to burn with DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink+Nero as previous poster suggested and see if they are OK.