Traffic wardens

RANT :a :a traffic wardens came back 6 mins late paid for 3 hours and got a tickek for £60 b*****ds claimed my watch was wrong when i found him in a nearby car park 2 mins before the time he put on my ticket ie ticket run out at 4;45 got back at4;51 found him at4;58 time ticket issued 5;00 funny but the machines in the carpark where you obtain your tickets said the same time as mine :a :a :a :a :a :a :a bummer is it wernt my car it was a ladyfriends so i will just have to pay :a i admit i was a little late it was a strange town and i had trouble finding the car park lmao god i needed that feel better now :slight_smile:

looking on the bright side now i have calmed down noticed in smallprint if i pay within 14 days it is reduced to £30 :smiley: guess where i am going now :iagree:

I made it through 6 weeks of parking everywhere on my summerjob without any tickets. I guess the note “COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC” in the windscreen helps, but even delivery cars cant park anywhere. Sleepy wardens over here :wink:

/me laughs at revenue protection officers!

scum scum scum scum scum…

did i forget to say SCUM ??

did you mean SCUM :iagree:

Traffic Warden…an otherwise unemployable nonentity. (I just
got a ticket too!)


Criminals, policemen, and other misfits …