Traffic swamps new Canadian music service

I just posted the article Traffic swamps new Canadian music service.

BJC used our news submit to tell us that Canadas first online music service is an overwhelming
success. They can’t handle the traffic and have put up a notice that the site is
at full capacity…

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This doesn’t really say much. Just because they didn’t have enough capacity doesn’t mean their service is a success. “it’s unknown how many visitors the Web site had in its first day.” Not having enough servers does not automatically make you a success. If it did I would be a success for I have no servers. But this is just my cynical point of view.

There’s three possible scenarios here: a. They had so many people buying music & downloading it, it overloaded their servers. And if this was true, they had the money to tell their webhost to increase their bandwidth and possibly add more servers to the farm. But the fact they didn’t, or weren’t ready to add them ASAP, means they’re morons. b. People were simply mooching off the free listening (30 sec per song?) and their servers couldn’t keep up with the bandwidth. c. They purposely launched the server with not enought servers or bandwidth so they would get overloaded no matter how little traffic they had so they could tell everyone the server was so popular, you can’t get in (kind of like certain night clubs). and this is one big marketing stunt. Now if A is true and they didn’t get more bandwidth or servers up ASAP, they’re morons. If B is true, then they need to invest much more money just to handle the moochers. IF C is true, they’ve got smart marketing tricks.
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Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it.