Trading DivX (and others



I’m from belgium

I would like to trade for some DivX movies.

i got these DivX movies (each 1 cd)
American Pie DVD-Rip
Bicentennial Man Camera
Big Daddy DVD-Rip
Heat DVD-Rip
Leon DVD-Rip
Southpark DVD-Rip
Star Trek 8 - First Contact DVD-Rip
The Game DVD-Rip
The Matrix DVD-Rip

Hackers DVD-Rip
Johnny Mnemonic DVD-Rip
Blade DVD-Rip

I want DivX movies, I know they are hard to get but that’s life.

send me an email if you want to have my other lists (120 mpg/vcd movies, 70 asf movies (suck), 100+ Games ISO, appz, warez, mp3’s…)

thanks for your attention.


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You say you have Fight Club DVD-Rip… but the Fight Club DVD won’t be out untill june… so I guess you just have a very-good-quality-screener…


The person I got it from said it was a dvd-rip and it sure does look like one, a real screener had onsreen stuff like ‘no copy’ and stuff, since this one doesn’t…


There are A LOT of screeners without any onscreen stuff…
I ordered the Fight Club screener today at and they say (check the site) that this screener is almost DVD-Rip quality… so this is probably the same screener you have…


that’s the one, since i was the person who sended that movie to them, i’ll change my list and make it to screener. thanks for the note