Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure

This is one of the saddest tales ever. It also makes me happy that we don’t have odor synthesizers on computers.

Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure

What a way to go,eh?

Geez what a quote “it’s tough to blame him now that he’s dead” :eek:

What? no picture…

Shit happens.

Its better than falling into the meatgrinder…


Very sad story indeed, wouldn’t want your worst enemy to go that way.
Could be a smelly Funeral.

Correct, that’s to quickly. :rolleyes:

Namoh you’re one cynical B*****.


It’s just that my enemies will suffer … very long.

What a $hitty way to go!!

Sounds like a bull$hit story to me

“We don’t know the exact reason for the accident, but there may have been a vacuum effect from the machinery,”

:eek: :eek: OHoooooh…blowjob…