Traction CD Menu Creator Update 1.03

I just posted the article Traction CD Menu Creator Update 1.03.

Submitted by: Traction Software

The guys of Traction seem to have a lot of spare time, another version has arrived.

Traction CD Menu Creator Update 1.03 -…

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Ermm, is it on some Twilight?? CD version I mean. Gotta find out why so many like this program. Oh yeah, Vinny Rulez

I must be blind.
I only see a link for V1.1

Same with the previous version from a few days ago.

another cool tool is CD PROTECTOR, it lets you copy protect your own cds. ok it may not be too hard to crack but it will stop some people. it seems to work better than safedisk.

check it out:

go to the utilities section and look under cd protector 3.

Zero Tolarence:

And about what 1 had to say: Protecting cds SUX!!! It’s easy crack the protection and… all other protections suck aswell!!! It only robs (some) of my spare time! Hehe!


Thnx Wookie