Traction CD Menu Creator 1.14 released

I just posted the article Traction CD Menu Creator 1.14 released.

The guys from traction used our newssubmit to tell us about their new version of CD Menu Creator. You can easily create menu driven CDs with it.

Traction CD Menu Creator v1.14…

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Not impressed by this program: 1. It’s shareware and should be free seeing as it’s such a simple program and there are tons of alternatives SFVChecker by the guys who do Serialz, PDSfv by isonews:, winsfv, 2. I hate this in small programs: It makes u install it. Anyone using a sfv checker knows enough about computers to be able to use a standalone program without it having to have an installation and add even more rubbish to my already hugely bloated registry.

@nila i think this isn’t a sfv-checker :wink: it’s a cd menu creator :4

lol, I got diverted on their site and got the sfv checker instead and thought that was what I’d gone to see :slight_smile:

hehehe… it happens to the best of us… :slight_smile:

hehe First joke of the year! :9 Thx :7