Trackwriter failure - ASPI failure

I’ve looked everywhere else - hope I can find an answer here. I recently installed a Plexwriter 24/10/40A and the Easy CD Creator 5.01 that came with it. When I try to burn a music cd I continually get the message: “E80041927: Trackwriter error - ASPI failure (T7121)” It flushes and tries again, but with the same result. All the ASPI files in the Windows folder are present and the most current version. When I try to update the Easy CD Roxio tells me that I don’t qualify, because the software came with a cd-writer, not stand- alone. I’ve updated the firmware at Plextor, but still the same problem using many different disks (and testing first before burning). Strangely, to me, I am able to drag and drop files onto a cd disk using the Roxio Direct CD software. Any ideas? I’m running a DELL XPS-Tr, W98SE, PIII - 1000, 768 RAM. Thanks.

You might want to try a different burning application. If you continue to get track failure errors, there might be a problem with the drive.

Is the problem occuring when you try to write the same thing, like music or data?

I have also tried burning a music cd using MusicMatch and with the same result. Trackwriting error - ASPI failure. I suppose it could be a problem with the drive, although the Direct CD application works fine when I drag and drop files onto the disc.

Have you tried reinstalling your ASPI layer ? I know you can’t use the Roxio ones but you can find a program called ForcedASPI at … I used this with my Plextor PX-W1210A on Windows XP and it worked fine. Could be worth a try!

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