Tracks at the end of CD's

I am 100% a newbie so you’ll probably all laugh when I ask this but here we go anyway.
When I try to copy a audio CD there seems to be a problem. The CD says its copied fine and the majority of the tracks do play fine. The trouble I am having is that the last few (normally last 3-4 or so) always seem to have a ‘crackling’ noise in the background when you play them. The noise is similar to that if the CD were scratched in some sort of way even though it is clearly not as it has just been made and is 100% scratchless.
Its been puzzling me for months and have tried to reduce the speed of writing and try different cd’s for both writing from and writing to but the same always seems to occur. I was wondering if anyone could help…?


no idea why that would occur. i have read of a similar thing though…but can’t recall where. is the noise audible on all devices you play the CD on ?

try another brand of CD perhaps ?

I’ve tried 3 different brands of cd and it always seems to be the same. The strange thing is that the noise is constant on all devices but sometimes it is more noticeable than others.

Did the tracks rip ok - clear of the noise?

If the rip is ok, burn slower - keep it to 32x or maybe 24x as at 40/48/52x, the burn speed is highest for the last few tracks, and most drives do not produce their best quality at those speeds.
(I see you tried, but if you went to the very slowest, that may be outside the realistic working range of the media)

Some modern media doesn’t like going much below 16x, but at 16x, current drives will be burning in CLV mode, with no increase in speed (the faster drives are almost CLV at 24x, reaching 24x soon after the start and holding it for the rest of the burn).

Even in completely CLV mode, you can see an increase in error rates toward the end.

What drive is it, as a Liteon, or other drives based on Mediatek chipset (quite a few) may be able to scan using CDSPEED and return a plot of the low level error rates.