Tracks at End Skipping

Hi, I burned a few audio cds for my girlfriend and am having some weird problems. Any track after track 5 skips badly, getting progressively worse. They do this in her CD player at home and the CD player in her car. They work fine on her computer, and I;m listening to one right now on my personal CD Player. It’s weird because all the CDs that I’ve burned for her in the past have worked fine.

I used regular Memorez 48x 700mb CD-Rs
But just now we tried it with a TDK 48x and had the exact same problem
Burned with Nero on my Lite-On 48x burner at 48x

I am honestly baffled, its only these CDs that have been doing it, even though they play fine on anything I use. I thought it might have been because she recently got in an accident and maybe it jostled something in the player, but nope, every other CD plays just fine. It seems totally random

Any ideas?

dude…try burning at lower speeds like 8 or 12x…had same probs…some while back,then burned sam at lower …and it wrked…

try it…