Trackmania Sunrise SFclone



hi! i’ve tried to burn this game on my plextor premium at 4x speed with alcohol (and securom new profile). i’ve tried 5 different brands of cd, but no lucky. Did someone successfully burn it?


For ‘cloning’ SF games on CD you’ll find all the info you need in this thread, good luck.


First misunderstanding. This will continue. All DOWNLOADABLE “fixed” IMAGE files WILL NOT WORK. This will be the first of a lot, i’m sure…consequences are inevitable.

Thats what happens once no idea people tries to apply something they don’t know how to do.


…and to burn a downloaded image and not to own the original is a criminal offence :cop:

( this is no imputation to someone special, just generally)


Sorry morg, but i think unlike your other posts this is really needless information at cdfreaks.
Will you now share your fears concerning CdS’ reputation in every Starforce game thread ? Why should CdS be blamed for those useless images ? Why not A|B ? (just kidding :bigsmile: )
What consequences ? For whom ?

P.S.: At CdS you say “Method is not designed for NOVICES”. Do i really have to completely understand ecma-130 and SF Protection system to be able (worthy ?) to use tools ? Do i really have to completely understand Securom to be able to use Twinpeak ?


See my test :

Use a Liteon burner with Ritek Co. media and a good reader :wink:




ei ei ei ei eiii, in CdS web site we offer info for spanish users, and we know how spanish people is, and so then, we warm them about. That is not like a cdfreaks comunity, with a lot of techies around, and spanish usually tends to dowload and then burn, and if doesnt work, blame against everyone ( i know it is illegal, yeap). Because we don’t want such post on cdsteam forum, we say them to avoid users from other web sites ( cr**kmanworld as example) to invade our site with “i have downloaded that and because u know how to proceed, we post here…” posts.
Just a warn to spanish people, so other ones should not be included ^^.

To second point, if SF changes anything, then, u must know how to proceed urself. Tools can be used easily, but…“i have this log ( even a bad one) and i want u to say me which config i must set” users will begin to flood forum, and i don’t want so. Thats what i try to say at cdsteam. We r just setting future rules there.

Consequences: a lot of users asking the same, when only want a working copy, and doesnt care about process. They just want everything done in a few clicks,. Thats what i dont want in my web site. For those which want to learn, congratulations, u r welcome, but land in this real world, most people isnt this way.

Well, respecting SF thread, ok, i will not reply to another one showing my “fears” ^^


This is going emotional…and it´s ok and normal. I´ve understand that Morg. is worried about and that´s a sign of responsibility. But remember: If somebody is convinced he cannot be blamed. There are interested and reasonable thinking persons like the one who are interested in technical way and I think the given information is in good hands of them. I know it´s not easy to find the right way.

Just to dramatise and thinking about (not to take too serious):
Was Albert Einstein responsible of the countless dead people in Hiroshima?
…Purpose counts…


This makes things at least clearer. Different environments, different habits. Won’t ask you again about your homebase concerns.

I really hope this solely refers to your “fears”


Next i will pasye the .nfo file incoming with such image files, from “mirror”:

  1. Burn with Alcohol 120, at 4x speed, use securom NEW profile.
    Make sure RAW DAO is selected.

  2. When asked, select “Keep TOC as on source cd,
    write until end of image file”

  3. Install, Play and Enjoy!

Tech Notes:

This is a 1:1 true clone of a starforce protected disc, not some
upgrade/downgrade starforce driver workaround or a usb nonide
only clone. This image is a true 1:1 replica of the original
disc, sectors are replicated using tools designed to
copy the uncopyable starforce sectors and implant them in the
image, thus the larger than toc size. This is considered
HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. This means that we can not say 100%
for sure your burned image will work however if you use the the
media listed in the included html which we will include and
update on every pre you should be fine. ( we did not find an
problems with certain burners or readers seems to be only
media depended).
Even though this is experimental we are ready to release
this to the public after 1 month of intense internal testing
of various drives, media and readers and have some decent
compatibility for a clone that we can warrant this release and
all future ones.
Unfortunate dvd clones will not work as the burners simply cant
do it yet.
Remember again this is experimental if your version seems not to
try different media and at one point you will find a working one.
since sf checks the media type/chemicals of the media the
game is burned on, only certain media will work, specifically
ones that are close to the store bought game. The media that we
have had successes on are included in the html fail also the ones
we failed are listed. Be aware that other medias can work
just as well as what we have listed. Again, this is a EXPRIMENTAL
IMAGE, we are still running tests on it to see what other configs
work, but at the same time, we cannot test every single piece of
media that is made to see if it works with this image. If you
discover other media types that work and you know how to contact
us, then tell us your own experiences. Assuming you got the
right media, we have found that most readers are able to verify
the protection and run the game, but this is to a point. (in
other words, dont expect your crappy 5 dollar 4x TAO burner
to be able to burn starforce clones and dont expect your crappy
10x reader from 1997 to work with these clones)

Secondly, this game will work on IDE drives, but they have to be
cdrom/dvdrom (not burner) drives. This is because Starforce
checks the ATIP on the media, and today’s ATIP hiders are not
advanced enough to hide the atip through starforce’s drivers. We
have had some success with using plextool’s atip hider, but the
results with plextools are spotty and very drive dependent. You
just have to wait until someone else with intelligence comes
along and makes an atip hider that isnt weak. Also note mounting
these images in a120 wont work, there needs modifications done on
vdrives to recognize the implanted data.

the bottom line - burn with good media listed above, and we
recommend good burners like plextors, liteys, etc, and use good
cdrom/dvdrom readers to read the clone. make sure you stay at 4x
speed, raw dao, dont enable stupid emulation crap like rmps, it
is not needed as this is a true sfclone. remember, this is still
cutting edge experimental stuff, experiment with it, if it
doesnt work, try another media type/reader/burner until you get
it to work.

--------------------------Thanks to usermaat for suplying us such info------------------

As most readers can see, obviously who made this image file know what he is doing, but just a “copy/paste” knowledge. He havent understood almost anything about prot nor didnt tested a lot.

If done, he will notice that media from SAME BRAND changes its “topology” even in same 50 CD pack, so,obviously, he cant export such image to another users with different CD pack even SAME BRAND.

Well, to this point i think it is clear this image files will not work. I havent download anyone to test, but some CdSTeam members did to see veracity. As expected, didnt work, even for luck. Only own user test will be valid in its enviroment, and no longer valid outside there.

Think now it is clear. :wink:


wow! pretty long text lol


Non-owners don´t have the right to get a working image, that´s the point!

You should warn ur peoples about illegal activity. Ur admin in cdsteam forum and u should things make clear (rules)!
If you proclaim a clear statement you don´t have to “fear” about :slight_smile:


so i guess it’s no use trying to burn it with dvd writer and read back with dvd writer?


Thread Closed :cop:

For those needing help with thier downloaded game image see, it has everything you need.