Tracking servo failure testing on CD-SPEED

Hello m8s

I am testing some DVSN DVD-R disks burned some time ago in my LDW-811s using Nero CD-Speed. I was using my Pioneer 106 DVD-ROM for this.
I am getting some strange error in one of the disks, When CD-SPEED is spinning up the disk I get “Tracking servo failure 010901”. When I use the LDW-811s for testing I don’t get this fail when spinning up the disk, but the disk presents poor quality problems (the graphic is not uniform). I will re-burn the disk and throw this one to the garbage, but I was wondering why the Liteon drive doesn’t show this error. I have been searching for this in the forum but must of the posts are related to writing and not reading from the disk.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

It depends on the reading abilities of each drive.

Some drives like ND-2500A do the same for me with nearly unreadable discs. But generally Lite-On drives is pretty good readers and able to read almost anything :wink:

Btw dvsn is among the 5 WORST disc types I’ve had (and I’ve had quite a few!).

Thanks OC-Freak. You are right , these DVSN (Fortis) are from the worst that finds out there. I am re-burning all these ones.