Trackball mouse question

I’m thinking of getting a tackball mouse for my laptop, using the touchpad is just too hard, and I don’t want to get a mouse because I might not have a flat space to use it. So is trackballs hard to use as well? Which type of tackball is easier to use? The thumb or finger type? I think the thumb type would be more similar to a mouse, so it should be easier to get use to it? TIA.

Go to any store… Staples, CompUSA, OfficeMax and try one first

This is a VERY individual oriented question. Person A might like one type of mouse or trackball whereas Person B likes another.

I personally can not use any type of trackball at all, Thumb oriented or Finger.
I also do not like using the Laptop touchpad, but actually prefer it over the trackball if I had to choose between the two.
I prefer the good ole’ fashion mouse, with a scroll wheel on top, and optical is my thing nowadays.

But hey, my-co-worker can’t live without his trackball… so my advice try it, and don’t just try it for a few min, play with it for like 20-30min opening windows, moving them around, otherwise you might be disappointed.

I actually went to CompUSA yesterday, they have the trackballs on display, but they don’t have any trackballs hooked up to a computer, so I can’t really try it out. But just from putting my hand on both types of trackballs, it seems like the thumb oriented type would be more comfortable to use since it’s closer to a mouse layout. I might just buy one and try it out. I’ve seen some on eBay for $15-20. Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure if you know already, the Microsoft optical mouse doesn’t actually need a perfectly flat surface, it works even on the bedsheet!

But it doesn’t always work well tho. I have a MicroSoft IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 (Wireless optical) On some surfaces, the pointer would not move proportionally to my hand movements. (Like I would have to move a lot and the pointer barely moves, and then suddenly it goes back to normal) That is really annoying me, that’s why I’m thinking of getting a trackball. Thanks for the reply.

Well, my IntelliMouse just broke, the receiver no longer recognize the mouse for some reason. When I press that button on the receiver and poke the button on the bottom of the mouse, the receiver’s light just keeps flashing, so I guess something’s wrong with the mouse. Oh well, I’m going to give the trackball a try.

Batteries? - or is it a rechargable model.

Actually, even on the rechargable cordless models, the batteries tend to go a bit weak after a couple of years, so it’s worth trying replacements or checking them in something else.

The infred light on the mouse is still pretty bright, but I will get some new batteries and give it a try.

If it still looks alive, than that’s probably good enough - if anything, it may be the potty little switch that’s broken.

PS. I’ve used pretty much all the options - even from the days of doing a cut and shut on a serial mouse cable, to repair a break - no tool to refit the internal connector, so left tails and soldered and taped.

  1. Ball mice - can’t stand them now, since most still in use are in terrible condition.

  2. Optical - wired

  3. Optical - cordless … battery life is a pain! - and my old one died of too many drops, with no wire to catch it (was using a knee-board).

  4. Trackball - proper heavy/large ball spin-kicker type, making large movements by free spin and small ones with close contact - only a large and heavy one gives the true mix of brute force and finesse.

  5. Glidepad - had one in a keyboard, great - I could do all the tap and drag tricks, though I used a mouse with it for some (not all) games.

I found out what the problem is now, it just needs new battery. :o Thanks for the help.