Track Titles

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I’m looking for some help on arranging my mp3 burns to best utilise the display on my in-car player.
The title field is 11 characters wide and is currently taken up by the track number, an abbreviated title followed by .mp3.
The player already lists track number, so I get a double up of the number, looking like:

  1. 001 xxxxxx.mp3
    I’m burning with iTunes onto a CD-R, any help much appreciated.

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind the order your car stereo plays the tracks in, you can try taking out the ‘001’, ‘002’, etc. at the start of the file names. Most CD MP3 players will play the tracks in alphabetical order if the file names do not start with a number.

Another thing worth trying is putting ID3 tags on your MP3 tracks. If your car stereo supports these and you tag the songs with the artist & song titles, the display should show the artist followed by the title. My previous car which had an MP3 radio didn’t show the filename at all when the songs were tagged.

Hi Sean, thanks for the feedback. I think iTunes embeds the track number in the filename. You can hide the track number in iTunes but it still shows as part of the file name after burning. As for tags, I’m still wrestling with how these work but nothing I’ve tried changes the filename.