Track marks in an MP3

I’ve looked for this topic but, if it’s here, I missed it. I have a long recording in mp3 format. Is there a way to insert track marks using mp3DirectCut so that I can skip through the program in, say, 5-minute increments? I really like the tool – I just wish I spoke German so I could read the help.

This is a great forum, and I’ve found a lot of answers to a lot of questions here. Hope someone can answer this one.


You can create a cue sheet with tracks every 5 minutes using special --> auto cue. I am not sure if this is what you want though.

Thanks very much for your reply, Bob23.

I tried that (I admit I may have done it wrong). I opened the file in mp3DirectCut, selected the entire file, executed Special>Auto Cue, set the interval for 5 minutes, and saved. When I played the resulting saved file it opened again as a single track, and the “Next Track” button was non-functional.

Maybe I wasn’t specific enough with my question. What I want to do is to take one long file and, without having to separate it manually into individual 5-minute segments, insert track marks at 5-minute intervals so that I can use the “Next Track” and “Previous Track” buttons to move forward and backward in 5-minute increments while the file is playing. I don’t even know if that’s possible using this (or any other) tool, but if it is I can’t figure out how to do it. I haven’t even figured out what a cue sheet does yet.

That is what a cue sheet does if you use the right player (such as foobar). It leaves the original file as one big mp3 or wav, but allows you to have different tracks, and allows you to navigate them like they are different files, but they aren’t. Instead of playing the mp3 you play the cue sheet with music file in the same folder.

Okay, just to make sure I’ve got this right, I can’t do what I’m trying to do and then burn the file to a CD and still have the track marks, correct? Nuts.

Thanks very much for the information. If you wouldn’t mind, is there a list of players you could point me to that recognizes mp3DirectCut cue sheets? I don’t have any problem with foobar – I’ve never used it – I’m just curious whether I might already have one of the players.

Much obliged.

Track marks??
Either the tracks are already parted or you have to use INDEXES on CDDA.