Track info from wav file

Hi, I’m a hopeless newb looking for a little help. Basic question: How do I make sure that track info (artist, title) are written to cd when using Nero or Roxio to burn an audio cd from wav files? I thought all I had to do was select Track-at-once in Nero as the writing method, but apparently that didn’t do the trick. Any help would be much appreciated.

The software I use to record a song writes a wav file number attached to the wav file. When I use Roxio or Nero to add songs to a project to burn a cd, it does with that wav file number. Now in older versions of Roxio, when I made a cover, it would go to the internet and bring back all the music/track info to automatically send it to the cd booklet. Can either of these do that, and how?

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You should use Disc-at-Once in order to avoid issues with home CD players. Information about artist and title can be added using the CD-TEXT option offered by all CD writing software. Please check the documentation about that.
Please note, that there are not many home and car CD players, that support CD-TEXT. On computers, Windows Media Player can’t handle CD-TEXT either.

The software I use to record a song writes a wav file number attached to the wav file.
Don’t mind about file names on audio CDs.


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Using a simple (and free) tool such as Burrrn might actually be easier even if you already have Nero and Roxio.

If you’re adding WAV files, you will have to type in the track titles yourself, however, because WAV files don’t contain artist/title information in tags unlike MP# and WMA files.


No freedb support with burrn? :frowning:
I don’t use that software since it is developped for Win95, and not for NT5.x and newer…