Trac break problems

I’ve been using Nero for a fair few years and almost all have been trouble free.

I now use 5.5 and its been OK until just recently. The audio quality is very good still but the tracks I record and store on my hard drive, when recorded onto CD start with the last few seconds of the previous track.

Its as though the TOC times are different from the actual track times.

Is there something glaringly obvious that I’ve done or does anyone have any idiot proof ways around this?


It’s another obvious bug. You can do nothing about it…
What dburner do you have? Maybe the bug is in the drive.

The problem has just started to show up. The driver has worked perfectly for almost a year but a conflict with Windows XP meant that we had to get a Windows patch and then a more up to date version of Nero.

Its very annoying and I don’t know where to start to look to put things right, so any help would be gratrfully received.


anyway, which is your burner?

If it didn’t happen before, it could be related to some system driver like busmaster (DMA) drivers for your chipset. (Via Hyperion?, IAA?)
What’s your mainboard? burner?
Rest of IDE drives?

Maybe Nero is damaged…?

The driver says !DE5224 SCSI CD ROM DEVICE.

It can’t be only the CD writer and Nero as when I ask it to copy a CD, all the track breaks are in the right places. A perfect copy is made.

When I ask it to take tracks from the hard drive and put them on CD that’s when the problems turn up.

The problem recording has the right timings for all the tracks but they all begin with an 8 second gap and the final track is 8 seconds short.

As I’m probably not as techincally good as you guys, I’ll apologise now.


Then it seems more software related (Nero).
I would try to do the same with other software like burrrn or burnatonce and confirm that it doesn’t happen.

I would also reinstall / upgrade Nero.
Use Nero Clean to completely uninstall it.

Many thanks for the help. I’ll try those options.