TPMG Express 3.0 slow? Or is this normal?

I have been using TPMG Express to convert avi/xvid and wmi files to mpeg and then DVD Author to write these to DVD.

Although impressed with the quality is it normal that it takes around 8 hours to convert 140 minutes of video into mpeg?

It may be that it is, or it may be that there are other encoders that take far less time to get the same job done.

Obviously I would like to speed up the encoding process, so any suggestions would be greatly apprecieated.


TMPGenc is notoriously slow in conversions, try CCE or MainConcept if your after a bit of extra speed. I would convert 140min of movie in under 2hrs with CCE (thats including authoring) on my AMD 3200+ system. Check out the Tutorial section on how to use CCE (with DVD2SVCD).

Thanks ChickenMan. A very informative tutorial.
Now I have all the applications you specify but have one or two things which I need clarified.

1.When installing DVD2SVCD 1.2.1 Build 3 I dont see anything about Avisynth 2.52, rather I see somehting about 2svrobo and that it is recommended to use that if I intend on using CCE.Am I perhaps using the wrong version?

2.Why is it that you use Nero to burn and not DVD author?

Thanks for your help.

Sounds like you have installed DVD2SVCD ver 1.2.2 b1 (the latest) and your right it doesnt mention avisynth 2.52 (actually installs 2.54) but does about D2SRoBa. Install it. I have not updated the DivX to DVDR Tute as the author of DVD2SVCD was about to post a new version that handles AC3 with avi/divx conversions. This would make it the perfect converter, however, the new version has not eventualted yet. Give it some more time. To use the D2VRoBa option, have a read of the DVD to DVDR Tutorial as its oriented around the D2VRoBa option now for quicker & better conversions.

As for Nero, it simply works 100% of the time without fail, why would I recomend anything else. You can of course use whatever you find best suits you as you may not have a "free"opy that came with your burner or find it to expensive. Another alternative is to get DVD2SVCD to make an ISO file, then burn that out with DVD Decrypter. That would be my second choice of burning.