Tpmg & DIVxtoDVD - no sound problem

After trying to burn 2 different movies which play fine on media player I get no sound.

I have looked at the files using Gspot and it says 3 compatible codecs installed.

I have tried TPMG and Divx to DVD which have worked fine before but no give me no sound when out burned to hard drive (sick of wasting discs). I have read and read till I’m blue in the face but no-one seems to have this prob.

I have recently uninstalled Nero because it was nothing but trouble. Could it have uninstalled something that is needed?

Any help appreciated.

Don’t know what was wrong but I just re-installed the K-Lite codec pack and everything seems oK again. Just thought I’d let everyone know. Maybe with uninstalling some other writing software I uninstalled an important file! All OK now.

Just a tip. I never burn anything I’ve converted before I’ve played it with something like PowerDVD. I hate to waste disks.