Toy Story and Stuart Little

I have been using a guide posted by someone elsewhere on this forum for removing the extra languages and subtitles from DVD’s before running the whole disk through DVD2One. This worked fine on all the movies I have tried, except for Toy Story 1 and Stuart Little 2. I have problems with these because they have angles and I dont know what settings to use. With Stuart Little the intro plays twice, once with the normal music and once with Michael J Fox comentary, the rest of the movie is OK, and Toy Story plays parts of the movie three times, all english speaking but certain things on screen (like the back of Buzz’s box) is in other languages.
I use DVD Decryptor, IFOEdit and DVD2One 1.1.1, then I burn the files to DVD using Nero.

Can someone shed any light on to this, before the kids ruin my special edition ToyStory!!!

Thanks for the help, and thaks for a great App (DVD2One)…

I experienced the same problem with the Special Edition version of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” If you try to strip the french 5.1 soundtrack, you get stuck at the beginning when the movie’s title changes to French.