Toy Story 2

Can anyone help me with the problem I am having copying Toy Story 2. I have tried to use DVD Shrink and it comes error (encyrption). I purchased DVDFab Decryptor and it will copy the movie but it will not compress it to fit on one 4.6 gig DVD. How can this be done? OR if you have any more suggestions that would be greatly appreciated…thank you

go get the newest free dvdfab and rip with that, then dvdshrink. if dvdshrink throws an error try reauthoring with shrink and copying only the main movie

DVDFab Decrypter (12/28/2005)

Go here

and download DVD43 and let it run in the background to remove the encryption. It works like ANYDVD except it is free.

Thank you very much. I have succesfully copied the main movie (disk 1). Can’t copy disk 2 to save my life. I have tried running the trial version of AnyDVD in the background then run DVDFab Decrypter but it sticks on VTS_19. Downloaded DVD43 and it found two sectors that it could not decode. Sectors 19 and Sector 23 I think. Can’t get it to download to HD. HELP ! By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

DVD Shrink and Nero Recode only compress movies down to about 50%. Pinnacle Instant Copy will compress further. It takes longer to burn to disk though. My 2.6 gig AMD Athlon machine with 1 gig DDR RAM takes about 1 1/2 hours to analyse and burn a 7 gig movie. Instant Copy will take about twice that.