Toy Story 2 Errors

I need to backup this DVD before my kids scratch it so bad it won’t play. So far this is the only DVD the DVDFab Platinum hasn’t been able to backup. Any ideas? I used to own DVDXCopy and it would always fail on Disney movies. How can I get around Disney’s protection?

as for scratched dvds try playing with the reading error control in common settings. also try using custom or main movie.

ive not had problems with disney movies such as monsters inc, cars, pirates of the caribbean 1 & 2, alice in wonder land and others.

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Like Troy said try using main movie mode and you should have no trouble, also always a good idea to clean the DVD that you are going to make a backup copy of, it will reduce any read errors that you may encounter :smiley:

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Please tell us the detail error info/message, so that we can help you.

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I copied this movie ( region 1 ) and had no problems whatsoever using FAB Platinum

I’ll restart the process and get the error message. I have been trying main movie. I really prefer main movie so it will just start right away.

“Error while reading! Please choose what to do?”

Happened at 67.21%

So this is a read error and not an encryption error? I’ll try cleaning the disc and try again.

Same error…90.27%

Frustrating. The disc still looks pretty good. No major scratches, just normal wear and tear.

I had no problem with this movie. It does sound like a problem with the disc. I have a little (cheap) cleaner and scratch remover that works most times on discs the Grandkids have already messed up. Only movie I haven’t been able to backup so far is the Orginal Charlottes Web and it plays fine in the players, but have never been able to get past read errors on it.