Town or country?

I grew up in the country, and I feel privileged that I can recognise how rude and arrogant city dwellers are. I’m currently living in the city, but long for the country which I belonged to in my youth.

Which would you prefer to live in?

country. I HATE neighbors

I’ve always wanted to live in the country. I h8 neighbours too, especially the loud ones…

I grew up in the city and i’m used to that kind of life (rude people , annoying people in the streets etc…)

What i like in the city is that you have more options for your entertainment , many bars,clubs,shows etc.

I’m living in the cesspool of the Netherlands.

No wonder that my city can be literally translated to “Hellmouth” :slight_smile:

We got about every nationality here that our forefathers long ago asked to do the jobs we don’t like.

Actually it’s quite fun , i get to hear radio Al Qaida (Techno Edition) on one side , lots of different food and drinks on the other side. To me , they’re harmless. Disadvantage is that everybody can understand my dutch , but i can’t understand any of their native languages.

I would like to live in a city like I do now.
But for raising kids I wouldn’t mind moving to a smaller town.

Live in the big city of Liverpool UK all my life but I spent so many summer months and quite a few winter weekends under canvas I feel like I was brought up with all the best bits.
If money was no problem then it would be the country side not to distantly far off maybe a small village or hamlet (if they still exist) in this day and age…

I like anonymity, and a city of more than 5.000.000 people (Athens :rolleyes: ) can provide that for sure, amongst other things though (traffic, pollution, stress, noise etc)

I live in an agglomerated part of the south of the Netherlands. It ain’t really a city, but you can’t call it country either.

Anyhow… I don’t really like it here. I like being anonimous and having plenty of parks, cinema’s, bars etc etc available. After my studies, I’ll most probably’ll be moving up north (Utrecht, Amsterdam etc?) as I really am sick of this boring half-country life.

The only thing I’d miss is the free space… but a monthly metal concert will sure make up for that :slight_smile:

Well, I would prefer the city with rude people, strange smells etc…

Right now I live something in the middle.

the city - you can get everywhere quickly, and you dont have to dodge combines in the fall.

//country for 19 yrs

Country with the avilability of DSL or Cable broadband.

I enjoy living in Liverpool and wouln’t want to leave the city.

I’ve lived in country, city and town. Went to about 9 different schools - I’m in year 9 now and don’t hope to move any time soon :bigsmile: