Tower records nears its end as 4 major labels cut its supply

I just posted the article Tower records nears its end as 4 major labels cut its supply.

 With music fans gradually  turning to online music services and large mass-market discounters  such as Wal-Mart, Target and so on to get their music, Tower Records has reached  such a critical...
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An expression “Old doesn’t go, new doesn’t come!”

So, an 80 million dollar loss will be blamed on piracy tomorrow then :stuck_out_tongue:
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They were so late to the online party that they didn’t even have second mover advantages. That being said, Tower still has significant brand awareness and reputation. They would be smart to liquidate everything but the Times Square and Sunset Blvd. locations and reposition themselves as DJ/underground friendly.

Back in the early to mid nineties all I can remember about Tower Records at Picadily Circus, London was that they were always more expensive than everyone else, even than HMV or Virgin on Oxford Street, and that’s saying something. If they used the same business model all around the world, no wonder they’ve pretty much gone bust…!
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Yeah, I also found their prices a bit on the expensive side. Good riddance. :d

Maybe “good riddance” for those whose tastes run to pop, rap and general schlock – but for the very few of us who love classical music, it’s just another nail in the coffin, as Tower had excellent outlets for domestic, import as well as cutout classics. Sigh…:c

So where do we go from now? Pay more money for music with lower quality (both sound and music) that we can only play on our overly-priced-short-lived-money-squeezing-medium-quality mp3 players? Bad news for music lovers. Forgive me if I sound old fashioned, but If I buy music, I rather get it on a CD.

This is very sad. I have been a customer of Tower for decades. they have the best selection, best place to find the stuff I like. All the mass market stores carry is current pop crap like rap, Britney and Justin. Moreover, a good friend of mine works for Tower and says he may lose his job.

Well, if virgin megastore, in New York can only make a buck, from selling clothes and other rock related accessories(60% plus to current profit margins. The demise of Tower Records, is merely a reflection of the continuing decline of the Record retailers, with numerous stores closing due to the application “Walmart” slash throat marketing concept. Although, I believe when Walmart tried all their US tried and true tested marketing concepts in Germany, they themselves ultimately went to the wall literally crashing and burning in their own funeral pyre. Oh well, whilst the Major labels continue to sell garbage and label it as music, whilst relying on the older past catalog items to pay the bills, you really can’t expect much in the way of innovation and originality. In their greed, they seem to require the end user to pay for all they own , at premium prices at every change of technology. Strange times indeed.:r

Not just classical, to follow bobverance… indie, unknowns, and twelve inch singles could be found at Tower where everyone else didn’t carry them. I hate sheep.

Last time I went to Tower I did so only because I had a gift card. And I quickly reminded myself why I don’t go there in the first place. $18 bucks for a CD, gees, and $14 cause it’s on SALE??? I like CD’s, but the big guys like Walmart or have it at $10 bucks so why pay the extra $8? Plus I also think that it’s just progress, evolution if you will. Especially in America where people want as less human contact as possible and get everything from the comfort of their couch, the small mom and pop used and new cd stores went out of business ages ago, so now it’s time for some major names to follow suit. my two $ents.

It is a sad day…Virgin closed here in Dallas…and Tower is the last major who carries decent INDIE music, not to mention rare electronic/dance music.