Tourist / Travelers help

Hello, just a quick question. I’m pretty sure there are people on this board that like to travel and such. I’m 19 and live in Philadelphia and I want to get my 2nd tattoo, I want it to represent that I am from Philadelphia so it is going to be like a little montage of things that are Philly. I have all the basics: sports logo, billy penn, independence hall, rocky, the vet, spectrum, liberty plaza skyline, liberty bell, 215 numbers, love statue, represent the philly cheesesteak, south street. Now for all the travelers or people who have been to Philadelphia or just anyone in general what do you associated with Philadelphia? I’m just trying to make sure I get all the ideas that I can, thanks.

Google image to the rescue!

Even though they blow, I already have the eagles down ehehe

In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playgrounds I spent most of my days…

Is it more sad that i know the lyrics or sad you still watching the series? :bigsmile:

dont be too sad i still watch it too :clap:

Seems Philly also have their own Tattoo event: