Lance is on the best way to win the tour the france (3400 km distance) the 6 time. if he does the job he´ll be the first biker who can do this.

  • yesterday the 16th hop, hill time trial to Alp ´de Huez. 1 Million People!!! along the road. Lance is winning with 1 minute difference to the second.

What do you think about this guy?

Did you use Babel Fish? And who gives a F if dude w/ no balls wins, he’s on crack.

why, what´s wrong?

Are we playing the Questions Only game?

i think this is an other thread, isn´t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dope, definitely using dope.

And I don’t care, because I think the Tour the France sucks (don’t like it to see, no fun).

What! You don’t care for Le Tour de Syringe. :bigsmile:

I think he’s one hell of a cowboy; he’s one of a kind. Yes I know! He’s properly on dope just like the rest of the riders. It’ really sad, but it’s not just a common thing in cycling sport, it’s f…… everywhere where money rules.

If he wins it for the 6th time, he prooves that he can win a traditionally dope-controled game by preparing himself (technicaly and dope-wise) during a whole year, just to win a game in 3 weeks. Value? Pretty low if you ask me.
It’s a whole other story, for cyclists that give all they have during the entire season (Giro, Amstell,…) AND manage to win one day in The Tour. But they are probably on dope too.
It took the officials and their labs 4 years to trace EPO. Imagine how many products are developed since then that can’t be traced at all (yet).