Tougher copyright laws passed



The Age Newspaper, Melbourne Australia,has shown the following on the night session december 7th the Australian Federal Senate passed “Tougher copyright laws linked to the Australia-US free trade agreement (FTA) have been passed by parliament, AAP reports.” Also part of the package includes an additional free 20 year extension to all copyright holders past the original expiry date as outlined in the old Australian Copyright act 1968. Both ruling government and the opposition voted in the Senate for these repressive ammendments as required by AFTA compliance( Australian/American Free Trade Agreement provides no financial or commercial advantage in Australia’s favour for a minimum period of 19 years or so, but that is another story, and is not relevant for this forum), with the Greens and the Democrats voted against, saying that these new measures would have a severe impact on the freedom of speech and media diversity on the internet. The link= The new copyright act provisions together with additional extensions to the existing Australian Anti Terroist Act, impose very strict compliance conditions to all internet providers in this country from January 1st 2005. Those in power in this country are seeking to turn Australia into larger version of Queensland prior to Federation 1901. :Z