Tough times for 2 online music portals

I just posted the article Tough times for 2 online music portals.

Faced with the difficulties of earning revenue in the online music space, one service will begin playing ads and another will charge users for uploads.Pandora, an Internet radio station that adapts…

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another way imeem’s looking for growth is by supporting off-site integration efforts. For example, Signal Patterns has developed an application - Music Patterns - that enables people to get a customized imeem-based playlist based on the music that ‘people like them’ listen to. It figures out your ‘music personality’ through science and psychology research. You can find it at

Thanks for the tip, David.

Kinda sounds like Pandora, actually.

I’ve been listening to Pandora all day, haven’t heard any ads yet. I guess I’m not one of the ‘targeted listeners’. I will certainly be sad to ‘hear’ ads invading my beloved Pandora stream. :frowning: It’s a sad time for Pandora users!

The article should read Imeem ‘HAS begun charging’, and not ‘WILL begin charging’. The policy went into effect a few weeks ago, and without notifying current users, even paying VIP members, either before or when the change occurred. Users who had larger accounts only discovered this policy change by being locked out of further uploads, and that’s a poor, sneaky way to do business.

Granted, services like this will always need to explore new ways to generate revenue, but treating their users like this will only hurt them in the long run.