Tough choice: Ritek/Ridata +R or -R?



Here in Brazil we have very few media choices, so I found 8x Ridatas or a good price.

I know these are very average discs, but since I can’t find TYs or such here, should I go for the + or - discs? I have 2 NECs, a 2500A and a 3520A.

Thanks guys


I prefer “+”


By far, more people report problems with Ritek -R than with +R.



I have two NEC 3500’s and use the Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) without any coasters in over 150 burns-

I like this stuff and so do my 3500’s



Hm, I’ll probably get the “+” then. Thanks


Well , I NEVER got a DVD coaster with my NECs, I used Ritek G04 and some prodiscs MCC on them. I’m not worried about coasters, I’m worried about burn quality and durability. From what I’ve heard the “+” discs may be a better choice.


If you can find Ritek 4x +R media, it’s gorgeous stuff and far above average.