Totally Stuck - DVD-RW won't write

I am totally perplexed by my DVD-RW’s sudden refusal to stop writing DVDs.

I am running Windows XP Home (5.01.2600 SP2), and Nero Hardware is Dell Dimension 4400 with 2000 MHz Pentium 4, 512 MB of memory.

I had a Sony DRU-540A that was working fine for about a year, then suddenly refused to recognize DVDs. That it, it would neither read nor write them, but could read and write CDs just fine.

So I replaced the Sony drive just today with a new LITEON Combo SOHC-5236V. Now I’m able to read DVDs, but not write them. I can still read and write CDs, as I could with the other drive.

I have tried the Nero Infotool, and when I put a CD-RW in the drive, the Drive tab on the infotool software indicates unchecked checkboxes for Supported Write Features that should be there, such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, etc. A blank DVD-R isn’t recognized at all and the Infotool just hangs trying to retrieve information on it.

Nero Infotool shows all System and Nero ASPI installed and working properly.

Im totally perplexed and so would appreciate any ideas on how to proceed.


Sorry RG,

Might be totally wrong but that is a [I]combo[/I];
-It is a reader / writer for CD
-It is only a reader of DVD (not a writer)
this is the 5236K but pretty sure it is very similar to 5236V, and that cannot burn DVD.
return this and get a DVD-RW (not a combo)
rgds, soso

Oh my gosh soso, I think you may be right, and if so I apologize for asking such a foolish question. Now I know why the price was so low. :o

True - a combo drive is usually a cd-rw combined with a DVD-ROM drive.

Better send it back and get a DVDRW instead.