Totally Pi**ed Off With Making Beer Mats

Hi guys,

I’m in need of help, as the title suggests…

I’ve been using a bog standard burner for 12 months or so (LG GSA-4082B) which has served me well as a general backup device for data although it’s never made a working copy of any protected PC disks.

Having read various articles on these boards, I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little more useful. Yesterday I bought a Pioneer DVR-109. I’ve cross flashed it to firmware 1.40 and the Quietdrive utility recognises it and no options are greyed out.

The problem is I’m still making beer mats :frowning: I’ve tried burning an Alcohol 120% (ver 1.9.5 bld 2722) CD image using the supplied instructions - “Use safedisk 2/3 profile with 4x write speed” The disk installs but the detection fails at startup. I’ve tried writing a Blindwite ( DVD image using the supplied instrctions - “Burn with Auto Profile and slow speed”, same result - a good install but the disk isn’t recognised at startup.

I even used what I was told is decent media, rather than my usual £8 per 100 crap from a computer fair - I bought a couple of boxes each of Philips CD-R80’s, Philips DVD-R and Ritek DVD+R.

I’m getting hugely pi**ed off with the whole exercise - I’ve tried over a dozen times to make a working copy of the CD game image

Where the hell am I going wrong? I’ve even tried installing and running the DVD game from the pioneer drive, still no go.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? If I need different media, the name of a UK supplier would be really useful.



I’m not really farmiliar with that drive but have you tried more that one game? It may just be having problems with the particular copy protection that the particular one uses.

QCumber, modern dvd burners are designed to burn DVD´s at high speeds, not to burn copy protected content at 4x cd speed.
(The slowest speed most of the 16x burners can burn cd´s is 8x)

Your dvdrw drive “may” be able to backup SD v.2.5 games, no higher. Please read more about your drive here.

My advice, get a cheap Lite-On/Sony cd burner for ~£17. :wink:

have you tried using" DEAMON tools" to over come the encryption

Hi, Qcumber ,
I have had a simular problem a few weeks ago, after trying three differant buners (new), and lots of diferent burning software programs, I seemed to pin point the problem to my IDE driver, so I downloaded an updated driver form the makers of my motherboard and installed it, after that, (fingers crossed), it seems to have sorted out the problem, well not made a coster for over a week :slight_smile: .