Totally confused on my lite on



hello all, i am new to this site, and in need of some knowledge…sorry if this looks all to familiar, but i am totally confused on this subject of firmware for my burner. i was sent over here from after dawn for some insight. i currently have a lite-on 1633s BPSA version, and i’d like to update the firmware for it also having the red/green light too. my question is, and sorry again if its already been posted in here, as i did not find EXACTLY what i am looking for yet, but step by step, how do i do it. i know where to get the updates, just dont know how to install it and confirm it worked. i also need to know if i muck it up, can i simply go back, or am i screwed? can i back up my firmware? and is the hacked firmware best way to go, or just stick with the manufacturer firmware, being that i am NEW on this, so be gentle… :bow:
and again, sorry if has been answered already, just point me in the right direction. :confused:

Yes, you can back it up, and be sure to back up ANY previously unseen firmware version before updating.

Codeguys are the guys for Liteons - and check out the stickies in the Sony/Liteon section of this forum.


thank you… i will check it out, but have never ever updated firmware yet, so i guess there may be nothing to previously back up. i will let you know how it goes, unless i run into trouble…


No, if it has an existing firmware that is not already archived by codeguys etc. use LTNFW to back that up before updating, in case you find that any upadtes are worse.

BPSA is not one I recall seeing, in fact, it doesn’t even seem to fit the usual version cycles.


I agree with Matth. Use LtnFW first to make a backup of your firmware:

and can you please send us a copy as well :slight_smile: