Totally confused noob



I want to install a DVD burner in my homebrew machine (AMD 1600+, 1 GB of ram, plenty of HD space.) And I guess I want you experts to make it easy for me. I first decided I wanted a Sony drive, then read that Sony didn’t make drives and were slow in getting our firmware upgrades. Then I decided I wanted a LiteOn drive, but couldn’t find what I wanted locally. So I bought a LG GSA-4160B which wouldn’t read CD’s or DVD’s, so I exchanged it for an identical model which had the identical problem, so I upgraded the firmware to A302, which made no difference at all. I will return it tomorrow.

Now I am back to square one. I want to install a DVD burner primarily for making backups of data files on my hard drive. I am not a gamer and doubt that I will ever copy DVD movies. I want something that will go in easy and work without hassle. And on this forum, I read that DVD’s have a problem with data going bad after a few months. Is that true and how do I avoid it?

Sorry for the long first post, but my head is swimming, so please some expert tell me what to buy for minimum hassle.



don’t worry, be happy - with a pioneer dvr-108 and Nero.


You could try the nec 3500.
Is a very good burner


BenQ makes really good burners too.

These are the “big three” of DVD burner manufacturers.

Media is equally important (or possibly moreso). Buy good DVDs. I suggest buying bulk Taiyo Yuden or Ritek RiData DVDs. Most apparent manufacturers of DVDs (e.g. Maxell, Fuji, etc.) don’t actually make them, they buy them from other manufacturers. TY and Ritek actually make them, and they make really good ones. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (often sold as Verbatim) also makes good DVDs.


You could make sure when you install the drive that you have the jumper set correctly. :wink:
The instructions manual or a label on the drive should show you which setting is correct for the configuration you are installing the drive in; i.e. primary/secondary, master/slave.


yea I agree BUT all the burrners are good ,so you might want to look at the system and Make sure you can burn dvd’s


Osiris yes it is a Very good burner


if you only have one burner in your cpu, look at the back of the one you’re replacing and set the jumper to the same setting (master, slave or cable select). If you have 2 then one will have to be master and one slave. If they are both on the same cable, which ever one is farthest away from the motherboard(the one on the end) that is the one that should be the master and the other one the slave