Totally confused newbie - DVD help needed

I am totally new to the DVD thing and need some help. Here’s what I have and want to do.

I have some old home movies ( drag races from back in the 60’s 70’s ) and have had them put on VHS and then put onto a DVD by a friend. I would like to share some parts of them on Youtube ( or some other web site ) but as they are, they are way to long. I need to make short mpg’s but so far have had no luck finding a program that will do this.

On a side note - my DVD player in my computer quit reading DVD’s so I bought an external drive and now plays fine, it came with Nero 6, and it didn’t come with any instructions.

As I said ,I am new to this and not what you would call a computor person, and know just enough about a computor to make me dangerous, so if possable I need something “stupidproof”.


Cyberlink has some pretty easy to use commercial software for this. What you want to do is shrink or capture a segment of your dvd…and convet it to .mpg or .avi format. I think Pinnical offers some software for this as well. Cyberlink power producer…or if you have it…windows movie maker may well do the trick…:slight_smile:

Just remember…the smaller you compress video the worse the quality will be. But for Youtube you should be OK. :slight_smile:

I think you may be right and WMM comes with the operating system usually. It may just do the job nicely.:clap:

Thanks , I tried the movie maker thing and it wouldn’t let me “import” the vid into it.
Guess I’ll be looking into the other options you suggested.


I would follow ZigZagMan’s advice and use Dvd Shrink to capture a segment of your movie and then use one of these tools from over at to convert it. I would consider Gordian Knot, Super or Simple Divx.

5 Hours and no further than i was a week ago. Thanks for the help anyway. I think it’s time to abanon this project.

Hey Bud don’t give up so quickly We want to see those drag races from back in the 60’s 70’s on yourtube. :slight_smile:

Decided to give it one last shot, HEY , I DID IT !
Here’s a link to the vids