Totally confused here...never seen anything like it!

I copied some of our disney collection for the kids room, they play fine on my player in the livingroom, but get this…

In the kids room on their DVD player, you can hear the sound very clear, but the actors move their mouth and nothing comes out!!!
You can hear footsteps, doors shuting/opening etc…but no actors voices :confused:
Its happened on 2 films, yet they play fine on my DVD player, Xbox and PC.
I have also done some others for the kids room that play fine, its just these last 2 I done.

Anyone ever had this problem before?

Oh yes :bigsmile:

Many DVD have a standard sound track, plus the language dependant. You’ll need a DVD ripper first, selecting the video and sound tracks separately, saving individually, and later a Muxer to combine video and sound for your wishes. Then you take the muxed mpeg (or avi) and write your new DVD.

For muxing more sound tracks to one you may need to have a sound software which allows to mix two sound tracks first, since most muxers won’t accept more sound tracks at one pass.

Sounds like you are just getting the rear channels. Not really sure why or how to fix it though.