Total Weirdness

If anyone has any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or ideas on why this is occuring, I’d really like to hear about it.

I have a Toshiba SD-R1002

Under XP, it can’t read a DVD-ROM or DVDR without problems, CDROM or CDR/W - no problem.

If I boot to a W98 floppy, no problems.

During the XP install I had issues, so I flashed the firmware (1038)with what I found off the net, then even under W98 it couldn’t read and dvd.

Ok, after more isssues, I figured that the firmware might have not taken or was just bad. Again downloaded a 3rd party firmware (1034), which is what I believe to be the original version that was on the drive and now I can read DVD’s under dos again, but have problems within XP.

Fine, removed the drive from XP, rebooted, and reinstalled.
It will now read DVD-ROM or DVR within XP, but it takes 15-30 seconds to figure out that I inserted a disc, then another 2-3 minutes to just give me a list of files on the disc.

Bought a Emprex DVD±R yesterday (BTC 1004 iirc), if I toss the the same exact DVDR into that drive it reads fine and without all these issues.

Thsi drive is not supposed to be able to even read DVD+R (specs wise), but can read one I burned years ago without all these problems.

I really like the drive, it’s actually done well by me, but I just want the darn thing to be reliable. I’m willing to do a clean install of XP, or even go back to W2K if needed.

Just trying to figure out what and where the problem is…
OS, Application, Drivers, ASPI (?), Firmware, Harware, etc.

I’m running the following…
Abit BX133-RAID (latest mobo and highpoint FW)
PIII 800, 512MB ram
2 x 40MB Maxtor HDD’s, both Single Master and HW mirrored.
Emprex DVD-+R (BTC 1004 iirc) as Primary Master Single
Toshiba SD-R1002 as Secondary Master
WD 30GB as Secondary Slave
ATI AIW Pro 128
3COM 3C905TX
1.44MB Floppy
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball (PS/2)