Total use of your LVW-XXXX

I’m just wondering on the life of these recorders. How about if we post how many approximate total hours of recording we did. I’ve had mine since November '04 and have used it a lot. Transferring VHS tapes and recording live from cable. I’ll add mine up and post later.

I’m probably closing in on a hundred hours of recording, mostly TV shows. So far, not one problem with any recording, regardless of media type or maker.

I’m over 400 total hours of recording in various modes(Ep, LP, etc.) I do most of my recording in the 4hr mode.

Also try burning the update cd again and try the upgrade again, maybe ya had a bum dvd.

one of the 5005’s I had lasted a total of 4 hours --then I got a big brown bar accross the screen and the only thing the machine would do say hello on digital readout physically on the machine after that. Darkness and nothing but hello screeen of death.
I’ve returned 3 of 5 units. I’ve come to the conclusion liteon makes units with bad or faulty tuners.

I’ve had the 5005 for 8 months==perfect picture at 6 hour recording over about 350 disks. My problem has been media compatibility. Can’t find any disk (name brand and cheapo’s) that work reliably. Want to try verbatim and imations but can’t find them except mail order from the UK. (TDK, TY, Sony, Maxell all have about a 30% failure rate except TY has 100% failure if removed from machine before finalization!)

I’ve had the 5045 for two months. Very good media compatibility except again I can’t find RW media that will work past 2-3 recordings. However, after about 50 disks, the harddrive on this unit has totally failed. Taking it back to Costco.

Also–just a gripe==the button editing on this unit could easily be vastly improved by being “intelligent.” Erasing commercials should only take a click at the start and a click at the end. Two clicks==not the 30 or so it takes now if recording anywhere except the beginning of the drive.==and why don’t they use a Dvorak keyboard?

I don’t think they know what a Dvorak keyboard is :wink:

I have several of the newer 5005s (11/04) at different locations but the total disc count is probably only about 100. No problems other than user error and limitation of firmware (eg no weekday programming). Try Ritek DVD+R/+RW from Newegg. They are quite reliable on my 5005s. If you have an old DRIVE firmware (not the recorder, but the drive itself), try upgrading the drive firmware because that usually solves the media compatibility problem.