Total novice needs help with copying old cd rom

hiya, am totally new to this so need as much help as I can get with a tricky problem. I have an old cd rom disc that has amongst other things a bunch of animations in .flc format, which are screensaver animations. The disc is 1994, so I assume it was for windows 98 or similar. I cannot get the .flc files to run in anything other than quicktime. I would like to convert the files into something that I can run on xp, as screensavers so I can copy the disc. I have a few family members bugging me for copies.

What software should I use to copy the disc and where can I get it from ?, I am not sure the type of copy protection it has in place, and as say I am a total novice at this , so any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

thanks for the link but the encoders that seem to be listed save with a watermark or similar restrictions, and I am unsure as to how to get the files to run as a file that can be used as a screesaver, anyone got any other ideas ? thanks. Clonecd seem to copy the disc fine, there is also some music on the cd rom that I would like to extract, is there any way of doing this ? sorry if the questions seem a little stupid, but I am a computer halfwit

Okay, I won’t be of any help, but just for fun…

I’d like to know how you figure a disc made in 1994 was designed for an OS made in 1998? :wink:

Good old Windows 3.1 and Workgroups for Windows - Those were the days.
@countrycowfreak - I don think you’ll find Freeware for what you want to do.

Yes the good old days Windows 3.1 running on a Pentium 486i 66 mhz with 1 MB Video card and 8 MB Ram, That’s what I call a real computer.

yes you a correct maybe not for Windows but there are lots of Freeware Graphics editors for Linux This might be of some help countrycowfreak