Total noob with severe A.A.D.D


I’m a total noob when it comes to burning DVD’s. I’ve tried to read all the posts, but my reading skills aren’t so good and I have problems getting through them all. I just can’t seem to find anything on my problem. Maybe someone can help me…

I am trying to create a DVD from a single MPG file. I have nero 6 nd just dropping the file into the window doesn’t burn properly like someone told me it would so I just wasted a blank DVD-R. Boo-Hoo for me…

I’ve seen a lot about files needing to be in .VOB format? How can I convert my MPEG into VOB? Is there a program available for doing this?

I used TMPGEnc to convert it to what’s supposed to be DVD format, and got 2 files out of it. An audio and a video, but when I tried to put them into the right folders, Nero told me the video file was too big. The movie is only 43 minutes long. I don’t understand…

Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


Hi TDKGuy and welcome to the forum ,

A MPeg file can be virtually anything , any format , any sound track , anything at all , which is the main problem with it.

A dvd mpeg file however , has to follow the rules of dvd media (pal or ntsc ? what kind of audio tracks ? subtitles ? etc).

The best thing to do is to import this mpeg file into a dvd-making tool such as Pinnacle Studio.

A cheaper solution might be to make a SuperVideoCD in nero (will take a cd-r instead of dvd) and make Nero’s built in codecs transforum your mpeg into the correct svideocd mpeg format.

I concur with Mr. B here.

in nero, coose either vcd or SVCD…drag the mpg and it will tell you if it will fit on a cdr. if it fits, and your set top player supports cdr and vcd…your good to go. I do this often with smaller mpgs and avi’s I wish to watch on my tv instead of the pc…:slight_smile: